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Apocryphal Akasha: The 5th Horse■■■ of the Apocalypse [Pathfinder 1E]

Oops, missed one…. I think?

The Purple Rider (Lost Constellation)

“And there went out another horse that was purple: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take truth and knowledge from the earth, and there was given unto him a great quill.” — Some Crazy Guy

The mantle of the Purple Rider is the obscuring light of misinformation.

Element: Variable; Gains the element of the constellation it replaces.

Manifestations: Sign, Equipment

Sign (Essence cost 2): You gain the ability to bestow the sign of the Purple Rider onto a willing Medium or Large sized animal of your choice. In addition to the glyph made by granting this sign, the marked turns the purple of a deep bruise. When granting this sign, you can designate either yourself or another creature as the marked’s master. The designated master can handle the marked as a free action, or push it as a move action, even if they don’t have any ranks in the Handle Animal skill. In addition, they gain a sacred bonus on Ride checks when mounted on the marked creature equal to your Charisma modifier. 

The marked gains 5 temporary hit points and a +1 sacred bonus to AC, saving throws, and melee attack and damage rolls. The additional hit points and sacred bonuses granted to the marked are reduced by 1/2 (rounded down) if the marked is an animal companion, bonded mount, or similar companion creature. The marked gains  False Trail as bonus feat even if it would not normally meet the prerequisites. The DC of the marked false trails is 10+half your character level + your Charisma modifier, instead of what is listed in the feat. Additionally, the marked’s master can direct the marked to leave a false trail as if doing so was a trick known by the marked. 

If the marked would normally be too small to serve as a mount for its master it increases in size by up to one step as if by an enlarge person spell (despite the normal targeting restrictions of that spell). 

Depending on your zodiac level, the marked gains enhanced mobility like the mount granted by phantom steed. This occurs at the same levels indicated in the spell, using your zodiac level in place of caster level (e.g at zodiac level 10 the marked can use water walk at will).

Essence: For every even-numbered point of essence invested in the sign form of the Purple Rider, the number of temporary hit points granted increases by +5. For every odd-numbered point of essence invested, the sacred bonuses granted increase by +1. 

Additionally as long as at least 1 point of essence is invested in the sign form of the Purple Rider, the marked gains a 10-foot-radius + 5 feet per point of essence aura. Every round a creature, other than the marked and their master, begins its turn within this aura, it must succeed on a Will saving throw (DC 10 + your Charisma modifier + 1 per point of essence invested) or forget all of the events that occurred since their previous turn; this is a mind-affecting effect. Additionally, the marked and their master gain a bonus equal to the essence invested in the Purple Rider on Feint checks against creatures that have failed their save against this aura. This bonus lasts until the next time that such a creature makes a saving throw against this effect.

Equipment (Essence cost 5): You gain the ability to manifest the Purple Rider as a large ink-stained quill that produces it’s own purple ink while being used to write. The wielder gains the convincing lie rogue talent, using your zodiac level as their effective rogue level for this talent. Text written with the equipment form of the Purple Rider functions as if it was under the effect of obscured script for using your zodiac level as the caster level except that the duration of this effect is 1 hour per zodiac level you posses. The wielder can take a point of essence burn to cast obscured script as a spell-like ability on an existing document. Essence burn taken in this way lasts for 24 hours. You and the wielder are always unaffected by this ability. If your zodiac level is 10 or higher the wielder can sprinkle a document under the effects of the Purple Rider’s obscured script affect with 5,000 gp worth of diamond dust to make the effect permanent as if by permanency using your zodiac level as the caster level. This consumes the diamond dust.

Essence: For each point of essence invested in the equipment form of the purple rider the wielder gains a +1 insight bonus to Bluff and Linguistics.


Inspired loosely by this political cartoon by Bill Bramhall. 



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