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Apocryphal Akasha: The Faithful (Title Veil) [Pathfinder 1E]

“What is wrong?” But he sobbed quietly, saying nothing. His mother spoke again: “If you resent your brother Akana now for breaking his pledge, you will have nothing to say if he comes tomorrow. Are you such a child that you can be so foolish?” Thus she admonished and encouraged him. Finally Samon replied, “My brother came tonight to fulfill our chrysanthemum pledge. When I welcomed him with saké and food, he refused them again and again and said, ‘For this and that reason, I was about to break our pledge, and so I fell on my sword and came these one hundred ri as a ghost.’ Then he vanished. An Excerpt for the Chrysanthemum Vow by Ueda Akinari

The Faithful

Descriptors: Law, Necromancy, Title

Class: Rajah

Slot: Chest

Save: None

An ephemeral black haori decorated with white chrysanthemum blossoms appears on the faithful’s form.

The entitled gains the ability to forge a potent bond wrought of loyalty and fondness with another creature. As a full-round action the entitled can exchange a pledge with a willing intelligent creature, they are adjacent to, wherein they both swear to return to each other if parted. This pledge is known as an oath of reunion, and it can be forsworn by either party as a full-round action allowing the entitled to forge a new oath of reunion. A creature can only be a part of one oath of reunion at a given time. As long as the entitled and the creature that they share the oath of reunion with can see each other, this oath bolsters them both, granting them each a +1 morale bonus on saving throws. This bonus increases to +2 if they are adjacent to one another. Additionally, they are aware of each other’s location and well-being as if by the effects of status regardless of distance and this effect can even cross planar boundaries.

Unlike most title veils, this veil is not suppressed if the entitled is no longer within close range of you. However, for the purposes of class features, feats, and so on that require the veil to be shaped it is still treated as being suppressed.

Essence: For each point of essence invested in this veil the morale  bonus on saving throws increases by +1. If at least 4 points of essence are invested, the entitled and the creature they share an oath of reunion with can not be magically compelled, such as by dominate, to take violent action against one another or to forswear this oath. 

Chakra Bind (Chest) By binding this veil to the entitled’s Chest chakra their oath of reunion can’t even be hindered  by death. If either the entitled, or the creature they swore the oath of reunion with, dies while the other is still alive the decedent’s spirit manifests in a square adjacent to the remaining party to the oath of reunion as an unfettered phantom with the dedication emotional focus. While in this state the manifested spirt uses their original mental ability scores rather than those listed in the unfettered phantom stat block. They can not be resurrected or reanimated as an undead while in this state. They remain in this state for a number of minutes equal to your veilweaving modifier, or until they are slain, after which their spirit passes on as normal and this veil is unshaped. You can immediately shape a new veil to replace this veil once it is unshaped.

haori”- A traditional Japanese hip- or thigh-length jacket worn over a kimono.

ri“- An antiquated Japanese unit of measure equal to approximately 3.927 km/2.440 mi.


Inspired loosely by The Chrysanthemum Vow (from Tales of Moonlight and Rain by Ueda Akinari)

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